Here is some helpful advice about virtual interviews with Ernest & Co Recruitment with top tips and advice to help you secure that dream job.

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Virtual Interviews are a “safer” alternative to face to face meetings these days.  They allow you more flexibility and remove travelling stress.

A virtual interview is still an interview and at Ernest & Co Recruitment we want to help you do your best. Although the interviewer may not see your pyjama bottoms, do dress accordingly to put you in the mood!  Here are some tips:

  • Test out your signal, sound and camera – have an online chat with a friend and practice the lighting and background so you are prepared.
  • Charge your laptop/tablet – you don’t want to run out of power and appear unprepared.
  • Pick a quiet room – away from noises from the TV, radio, children or pets.
  • Switch off the doorbell & put your mobile on silent.
  • Strategically place sticky notes for your eyes only to help remind you of your key skills, or experience you want to mention during your interview.
  • Have a printed copy of your CV and the job description in front of you to refer to.

Remember to give as good eye contact as you would face to face, ensure the camera shows your whole face and check the invitation link works in advance.  There may be stilted pauses, signal drops, inquisitive pets and other distractions that are out of our control.  It’s all normal and it’s all ok – as with all interviews, just do your best!

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