This is great news; you got the slot!

You have already researched the company, understand the job description and took a test drive to the company’s location.

Now you are wondering what to wear. Do you go in a suit/smart attire? Do you dress down as you hear that the employees wear jeans to work? Do you wear trainers or smart shoes?

Our advice? If you look the part, you will act the part and it will be seen that you are taking your interview seriously.

Give a minute to think of how your outfit will be perceived. Although you rocked a particular outfit you wore for a night on the town, it may not be the right choice for an office job interview.

So wear something that is smart AND comfortable.

 No-No’s Yes pleases
Coffee spillages on your top Clean & crisp, ironed shirt/top
Almond croissant residue on chin/beard Mouth area crumb free
Nerve inducing fag before interview Smelling of success
Coat your dog slept on Coat your dog didn’t sleep on
Tight, ill fitting, scruffy, ripped/inappropriate clothes/shoes/bags of ANY kind Look the part. Think Harvey Specter or Jessica Pearson


Oh and give your shoes a good polish – it won’t go unnoticed!

Good luck and if you need any help get in touch