How do you face your face-to face interview? Some people have plenty of interview experience, others, not so much. I speak with a multitude of job seekers each week and their interview experience differs greatly.

One lady I spoke with has been with her current employer for over 18 years and was  apprehensive about her first interview in almost 2 decades.  The result? She got the job as her experience and humble attitude won her interviewers over.

Another interviewee was so certain that they had “smashed it” yet their confidence was mistaken for arrogance, and sadly, no offer was made.

And an amazing candidate who has been turned down for several roles. Why? The feedback given is that they portrayed too much of a polished image during the interview, and didn’t inject any warmth.

How do you balance out the trepidation of facing an interview? Is being self-assured considered ill-fated? Is putting on a professional front deemed cold?

The company interviewing you want to ensure that they are as right for you as you for them. They  also want a person to balance their team.

  • For those who get nervous at interviews, try these techniques
  • For those who ooze confidence, don’t change! Apply for jobs where confidence is a must-have on the job description
  • Being professional is a trait all companies want from an employer, just remember to add your personality into the interview

I hold mock interviews with many of my candidates, and included in  the advice I give, is to be themselves.  Get in touch if you would like any interview tips.

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Good luck!