Ok, first of all, breathe! Writing your own CV (or updating your current CV) may at first seem like a chore you would rather not have to do. Ever. Candy Crush is far more fun. I know first-hand how frustrating it can be to actually put together in a paragraph (or bullet points if you wish) what my responsibilities and duties included. And make them sound interesting and not at all farfetched. Did you know on average, 1 in 5 people lie on their CV’s? Busted!

All I can say, as a recruiter that it is ESSENTIAL to put a factual, grammatically correct and informative CV together – it is the vital document that will determine if you get an invitation to interview or a rejection email. Let’s face it, if you have incorrect employment dates, spelling mistakes and state in your profile you want to get into childcare whilst applying for a warehouse role, your CV would stand out for all the wrong reasons.

My advice? Bite the bullet, write it/re-write it, take out abbreviations that no-one apart from your boss would understand and ask friends and family to proof read. The time you spend adjusting or creating your CV is time well spent and who knows, it could land you a great job.

I found this link really helpful. See what you think.