Working from home isn’t easy – Ernest & Co Recruitment offer some tips to stay motivated, focussed and manage a healthy work and life!

Our working world, for some time has offered a degree of flexibility for employees to work from home. During the current situation with COVID-19, this has fast tracked certain companies to set up infrastructure in order to keep their employees working and their businesses operating. No mean feat.

For those of you who now find themselves in the fortunate situation where they have access to work from home and remain in employment, it is a huge change.

Here I want to share some thoughts on how to deal with keeping focused whilst working from home in general, and during this particular time:

Routine – this is especially important. If your normal day commenced being ready at your desk at 0830 – stick to it.

Plan ahead – keep writing down things to do and stay focused.

Breaks – if you took a break at 12.30 and walked away from the office – keep up with a walk (or during our lockdown, some other activity).

Interruptions – you may have your children/family members at home. Get up earlier than planned to make time for meeting their needs to ensure you get the time to meet your working obligations.

Keep in touch – with your colleagues – several times a day.

Office space – not everyone has personal office space at their home. If you have to use your kitchen/dining room, pack up your laptop/files and put them away at the end of the day.

Separate work life from personal life – don’t check emails before bed.

Pets – we both have dogs, who are great companions and get us out for daily walks.

Outlet – for now, we are unable to participate in activities we would normally do. Think of what choices you do still have. Walking/running/cycling/gardening are all outdoors. Assisting someone vulnerable, we might not be able to play contact sports now, but we all have a part to play when it comes to teaming up for those around us.

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Things you will now encounter:

Personal calls – under normal circumstances take these calls outside of working hours. For now, do what’s right for you.

Neighbours – lets face it, all going stir crazy and will most likely undertake noisy DIY. Be prepared for outside noise levels to rise but stay calm!

Poor signal – even with 5g

Your dog – barking at the postman whilst you are on the phone to an important client.

Self-motivation – you will realise what a trojan you are by sticking to your routine and the true meaning of what self-discipline means – on all levels.

As much as our lives and livelihoods have changed dramatically, keep your sense of purpose. If your job gives you a degree of this, whilst providing an income, remember that and it will keep you going.

We are all in the same boat. Stay in touch with us, keep talking and stay connected.